Class Report for Group: TKL

Sub-class of
Parent ofDicty4, ARK, ARMK, CZAK, DPYK, Dicty5, LISK, Gdt, IRAK, LRRK, MLK, RIPK, STKR, TKL-Unique, TKL-ciliate1, TKL-ciliate2, TKL-Sp1, RAF, TKL-ciliate3, TKL-ciliate4, TKL-ciliate5, DD-like, TKL-ccin, WAK-like, WAKL, TKL-Tvag1, TKL-Tvag2, TKL-Tvag3,
NotesTyrosine Kinase-like group. This is the most diverse of all groups, apart from the 'Other' group. Families in this group are all close to tyrosine kinases, but are somewhat closer to each other, hence the name
AlignmentProtein       Domain