Early Kinase Evolution and Parasite Specialities in the kinome of Giardia lamblia

Giardia lamblia is a human gut parasite, and a representative of the excavates, one of the earliest-branching of eukaryotic lineages. We explored the kinomes of three strains of Giardia, and two other excavates (Trichomonas vaginalis and Leishmania major) to peer back in time to the early evolution of eukaryotic protein kinases, and to see how the kinome may reflect Giardia's specialized cell cycle and parasitic lifestyle. Our main findings are published in Genome Biology, and through the KinBase database on this site:
The minimal kinome of Giardia lamblia illuminates early kinase evolution and unique parasite biology.
Gerard Manning, David S Reiner, Tineke Lauwaet, Michael Dacre, Alias Smith, Yufeng Zhai, Staffan Svard, Frances D Gillin
Genome Biology 2011,12:R66 (Medline, PDF).
This work was a collaboration between the Gillin lab at UCSD (spearheaded by David Reiner) and the Manning lab at the Salk Institute.