The Mouse Kinome

These pages support our 2004 publication of the mouse kinome (the set of all mouse protein kinases) and its comparison to the human kinome:
The mouse kinome: Discovery and comparative genomics of all mouse protein kinases.
S Caenepeel, G Charydczak, S Sudarsanam, T Hunter and G Manning (2004).
PNAS 101 (32) 11707-11712.
PNAS have kindly allowed us to make the paper available to download as a PDF file. The paper is also available from the PNAS website.

All mouse sequences and classification are now available through our KinBase database, where dynamic alignments with human orthologs and other kinases can be carried out.

A related analysis of mouse kinases and phosphatases has been published by Forrest et al. We have looked at reasons for the differences between the two gene sets.

Supplemental Tables

Here are the supplemental tables to accompany the paper in Excel and tab-delimited formats Questions? See our feedback page.