HYPERTREE is a Java phylogenetic tree viewer, with a hyperbolic ('fish-eye') view and editing abilities that help in managing very large trees.

New (June 2011): Hypertree v1.2.2 adds basic support for phyloXML and better newick format integration and a few bug fixes.
Update (Oct 2008): Hypertree v1.2 provides improved printing, import of distance matrices and simple heat map drawing.
Update (Mar. 2008): Hypertree V1.1 includes numerous bug fixes and additional functionality.
Update (Mar 2008): Bug with license file now corrected.

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HyperTree includes many features for navigating large trees, such as the ability to:


HyperTree is freely available for non-commercial use. Download the Java jar file:
       A sample tree and color file

To run the program, you must have Java 2 or higher installed.

  1. On Macintosh or Windows, simply unzip the zip file and double-click the jar file to launch the program.
  2. On Unix and Linux, launch from the command line:
       java -jar HyperTree.jar


Usage Tips

Currently no comprehensive usage manual exists for HyperTree. However, here is a brief summary of 'non-obvious' features.

HyperTree was written by Jonathan Bingham of Sugen, Inc. and is made freely available for non-commercial use.


If you use Hypertree in a publication, please cite:

Visualizing harge hierarchical clusters in hyperbolic space
J. Bingham, S Sudarsanam
Bioinformatics (2000) 16(7): 660-1 (PDF)