Species: C.cinerea
Alias: CC1G_11915
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Group: PKL
Family: ccin4


Name Sequence Type Origin Length Description Download
CC1G_11915.AA Protein None 511 None Fasta, JSON
CC1G_11915.NA RNA None 1536 None Fasta, JSON
CC1G_11915.kin_dom Protein Kinase Domain None 123 None Fasta, JSON

Protein domain

Protein domains of CC1G_11915.AA. The domains are annotated by HMM profiles from Pfam and SMART, as well as in-house data which includes HMMs of each individual kinase group, family and subfamily. Here is domain list in details, including sequence identity, significance and alignment. In particular, you can find can find the best hit kinase group/family/subfamily, which is helpful to understand the relationship between kinases.Kinase domain and best hit kinase group/family/subfamily are highlighted in red and blue. Visualized by pviz.

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Domain Protein name Domain Name Range Identity (%) Significance Score Profile Source Profile Range (length) Alignment
Kinase CC1G_11915.AA NIM1 459-503 34 0.000625 7.45 In-house 113-158 (258) Show / Hide
Range on Protein: 459-503
Range on HMM: 113-158/258
Sequence Identity: 34% (16 aa)

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