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Gains and losses of Subfamily Myt1

Presence across species

Genes (7)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
MYT1 Human Other : WEE : Myt1 DKFZp547K1610, FLJ20093, PKMYT1, MYT1
MYT1 Mouse Other : WEE : Myt1 Pkmyt1-pending, MYT1
Myt1 Sea Urchin Other : WEE : Myt1 Spk210, SPU_008280, Myt1
Myt1 Fruit Fly Other : WEE : Myt1 SFO178, CG10569, Dmyt1, Myt1
wee-1.1 Nematode worm Other : WEE : Myt1 F35H8.7, CE09940, aSWK260, wee-1.1
wee-1.3 Nematode worm Other : WEE : Myt1 Y53C12A.1, aSWK259, CE14884, wee-1.3
AqueK217 A.queenslandica Other : WEE : Myt1 AqueK217