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New Kinase Family 3. Name defined by Sugen.
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Protein Domain
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Gains and losses of Family NKF3

Presence across species

Genes (6)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
SgK223 Human Other : NKF3 pragmin, DKFZp761P0423, SgK223
SgK269 Human Other : NKF3 SgK269, FLJ21140, FLJ34483, KIAA2002
SgK223 Mouse Other : NKF3 D8Ertd82e, SgK223
SgK269 Mouse Other : NKF3 SgK269, C230081A13Rik
Spk390 Sea Urchin Other : NKF3 Spk390, SPU_027814
AqueK185 A.queenslandica Other : NKF3 AqueK185