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Ancient family with one member found in almost all eukaryotic and archaeal genomes, may have a conserved function in telomere biology as well as unconserved functions such as p53 interactions (metazoans) and budding (yeast).
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Gains and losses of Family Bud32

Presence across species

Genes (15)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
PRPK Human Other : Bud32 BUD32, PRPK, Nori-2, C20orf64, 2, dJ101A2, TP53RK, Nori-2p
PRPK Mouse Other : Bud32 PRPK, 5630401H01Rik
PRPK Sea Urchin Other : Bud32 PRPK, Spk354, SPU_001931
CG10673 Fruit Fly Other : Bud32 CG10673, SFO177
F52C12.2 Nematode worm Other : Bud32 CE31534, aSWK210, F52C12.2A, F52C12.2
AqueK152 A.queenslandica Other : Bud32 AqueK152
BUD32 Bakers Yeast Other : Bud32 BUD32
CC1G_13096 C.cinerea Other : Bud32 CC1G_13096
Bud32 Slime mold Other : Bud32 DDB0216402, Bud32, PRPK, DdisK075
4601 Tetrahymena Other : Bud32 197.m00075, TTHERM_01014710, PreTt04601, 980, 3748.m00311, 4601
GL50803_16796 G.lamblia Other : Bud32 GL50803_16796, GK044
LmjF25.0870 L.major Other : Bud32 LmajK098, LmjF25.0870
92204.m00063 T.vaginalis Other : Bud32 TvagK0972, 92204.m00063
95645.m00131 T.vaginalis Other : Bud32 TvagK0973, 95645.m00131
Bud32 S.moellendorffii Other : Bud32 Bud32