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Protein Domain
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Protein Domain
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Protein Domain
Gains and losses of Subfamily SrcB

Presence across species

Genes (8)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
BLK Human TK : Src : SrcB MGC10442, BLK
HCK Human TK : Src : SrcB HCK, p59hck, p56hck, JTK9
LCK Human TK : Src : SrcB pp58lck, LCK, YT16, p56lck
LYN Human TK : Src : SrcB LYN, JTK8, FLJ26625
BLK Mouse TK : Src : SrcB Blk, BLK
HCK Mouse TK : Src : SrcB HCK, Hck
LCK Mouse TK : Src : SrcB LCK, Lck
LYN Mouse TK : Src : SrcB LYN, Lyn