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Gains and losses of Subfamily RSKp70

Presence across species

Genes (10)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
p70S6K Human AGC : RSK : RSKp70 p70(S6K)-alpha, p70s6k, S6K, STK14A, S6K1, p70S6K, RPS6KB1, PS6K, p70-alpha, p70-S6K
p70S6Kb Human AGC : RSK : RSKp70 P70-beta-1, p70S6Kb, P70-beta-2, P70-BETA, STK14B, p70(S6K)-beta, SRK, P70S6KB, RPS6KB2, KLS, S6K2, S6K-beta2
p70S6K Mouse AGC : RSK : RSKp70 p70S6K, 2610318I15Rik
p70S6Kb Mouse AGC : RSK : RSKp70 p70S6Kb, Rps6kb2
p70RSK Sea Urchin AGC : RSK : RSKp70 p70RSK, Spk025, SPU_011124
S6kII Fruit Fly AGC : RSK : RSKp70 fs(3)07084, p70 S6K, p70s6K, dp70s6k, dS6k, S6kII, S6K, p70S6K, dS6K, Dp70[s6k], S6 kinase, s6k11, dp70[S6k], DS6K, Dp70s6k, p70[S6k], l(3)07084, 7084, dps6k, CG10539, Dp70S6k, S6kinase, SFO179
R04A9.5 Nematode worm AGC : RSK : RSKp70 R04A9.5, aSWK023, CE28744
Y47D3A.16 Nematode worm AGC : RSK : RSKp70 Y47D3A.16, aSWK022, Y47D3A.r, CE22045
AqueK024 A.queenslandica AGC : RSK : RSKp70 AqueK024
YBR028C Bakers Yeast AGC : RSK : RSKp70 YBR028C