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Gains and losses of Subfamily RSKp90

Presence across species

Genes (13)

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RSK1 Human AGC : RSK : RSKp90 RSK3 (original kinome, RPS6KA2, S6K-alpha2, RSK, HU-2, S6K-alpha, Hs.RPS6KA2, MAPKAPK1C, Hs.90859, p90-RSK3, pp90RSK3, RSK1, now swapped with RSK1), RSK3
RSK2 Human AGC : RSK : RSKp90 RPS6KA3, RSK, HU-2, HU-3, ISPK-1, MRX19, p90-RSK2, pp90RSK2, MAPKAPK1B, RSK2, S6K-alpha3, CLS
RSK3 Human AGC : RSK : RSKp90 RPS6KA1, RSK1 (original kinome, RSK, MAPKAPK1A, HU-1, now swapped with RSK3), p90rsk, S6K-alpha 1, RSK1, RSK3
RSK4 Human AGC : RSK : RSKp90 RSK4, RPS6KA6
RSK1 Mouse AGC : RSK : RSKp90 RSK1, Rps6ka2, RSK3, Rps6ka1
RSK2 Mouse AGC : RSK : RSKp90 RSK2, Rps6ka3
RSK3 Mouse AGC : RSK : RSKp90 Rps6ka1, Rps6ka2, RSK3, RSK1
RSK4 Mouse AGC : RSK : RSKp90 RSK4, Rps6ka6
RSK1 Sea Urchin AGC : RSK : RSKp90 RSK1, Spk023, SPU_011714
RSK2 Sea Urchin AGC : RSK : RSKp90 SPU_014818, RSK2, Spk334
S6k Fruit Fly AGC : RSK : RSKp90 S6k, RSK, Rsk: Ribosomal-S6-kinase, SFO002, CG17596, S6KII, Ribosomal-S6-kinase
T01H8.1a Nematode worm AGC : RSK : RSKp90 CE18169, T01H8.1aN, aSWK024, T01H8.1a
AqueK025 A.queenslandica AGC : RSK : RSKp90 AqueK025