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This is a mock family, containing genes which are members of the TK group, but cannot be placed into any of the known conserved AGC families
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Genes (36)

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SuRTK106 Human TK : TK-Unique DKFZp761P1010, DKFZP761P1010, NOK, SuRTK106, STYK1
SuRTK106 Mouse TK : TK-Unique AI326477, SuRTK106
RETa Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique Spk284, SPU_000667, RETa
Spk388 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique SPU_028625, Spk388
TK10 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique TK10, Spk264, SPU_020532
TK11 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique SPU_009079, TK11, Spk265
TK12 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique SPU_011509, TK12, Spk271
TK4 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique TK4, SPU_017493, Spk283
TK5 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique TK5, Spk298, SPU_027331
TK6 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique TK6, Spk267, SPU_019799
TK7 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique TK7, SPU_009990, Spk281
TK8 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique Spk266, TK8, SPU_004747
TK9 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique SPU_000806, Spk269, TK9
TSPK1 Sea Urchin TK : TK-Unique TSPK1, Spk085, SPU_006004
Cad96Ca Fruit Fly TK : TK-Unique FGFR1-like, Cad96Ca, CG10244, SFO173, DCad96Ca, DmHD-14, CT28779, CG10239, HD-14
Tie Fruit Fly TK : TK-Unique tie; tyrosine kinase, DPR1, SFO086, CG7525, tyrosine kinase, tie, Tie, RTK
WSCK Fruit Fly TK : TK-Unique SFO171, WSCK
C34F11.5 Nematode worm TK : TK-Unique aSWK412, C34F11.5, CE04165
F40A3.5 Nematode worm TK : TK-Unique aSWK409, CE30783, F40A3.5
F59F5.3 Nematode worm TK : TK-Unique F59F5.3, aSWK410, CE31552
R151.4 Nematode worm TK : TK-Unique aSWK411, R151.4, CE00747
T22B11.3 Nematode worm TK : TK-Unique CE17242, T22B11.3, aSWK413
Y38H6C.20 Nematode worm TK : TK-Unique aSWK408, CE19114, Y38H6C.20
AqueK449 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK449
AqueK450 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK450
AqueK451 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK451
AqueK452 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK452
AqueK453 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK453
AqueK454 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK454
AqueK455 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK455
AqueK456 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK456
AqueK457 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK457
AqueK458 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK458
AqueK459 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK459
AqueK460 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK460
AqueK461 A.queenslandica TK : TK-Unique AqueK461