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With No Lysine (K)' kinases. Missing the canonical catalytic lysine, instead using a nearby lysine for catalysis
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Presence across species

Genes (27)

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Wnk1 Human Other : WNK KIAA0344, Wnk1, PRKWNK1, WNK1, KDP, PHA2C
Wnk2 Human Other : WNK PRKWNK2, Wnk2, KIAA1760, WNK2, NY-CO-43, P/OKcl.13, SDCCAG43
Wnk3 Human Other : WNK Wnk3, PRKWNK3, KIAA1566, WNK3
Wnk4 Human Other : WNK PRKWNK4, PHA2B, WNK4, Wnk4
Wnk1 Mouse Other : WNK Wnk1, 6430573H23Rik
Wnk2 Mouse Other : WNK Wnk2
Wnk3 Mouse Other : WNK Wnk3
Wnk4 Mouse Other : WNK 2010002J11Rik, Wnk4
WNK Sea Urchin Other : WNK WNK, SPU_022200, Spk212
CG7177 Fruit Fly Other : WNK SFO201, CG7177
C46C2.1 Nematode worm Other : WNK CE03080, aSWK261, C46C2.1
AqueK219 A.queenslandica Other : WNK AqueK219
17822 Tetrahymena Other : WNK 304, PreTt17822, 146.m00123, TTHERM_00840070, 3743.m00052, 17822
8961 Tetrahymena Other : WNK 1209, 3721.m00041, TTHERM_00564230, 75.m00159, PreTt08961, 8961
GL50803_90343 G.lamblia Other : WNK GL50803_90343, GK075
82578.m00484 T.vaginalis Other : WNK 82578.m00484, TvagK0865
85859.m00391 T.vaginalis Other : WNK TvagK0996, 85859.m00391
86739.m00037 T.vaginalis Other : WNK TvagK0866, 86739.m00037
93793.m00239 T.vaginalis Other : WNK TvagK0867, 93793.m00239
96693.m00072 T.vaginalis Other : WNK TvagK0868, 96693.m00072
TVAG_470040 T.vaginalis Other : WNK TVAG_470040, TvagK1074
WNK_a S.moellendorffii Other : WNK WNK_a
WNK_b-1 S.moellendorffii Other : WNK WNK_b-1
WNK_b-2 S.moellendorffii Other : WNK WNK_b-2
WNK_c S.moellendorffii Other : WNK WNK_c
WNK_d S.moellendorffii Other : WNK WNK_d
WNK_e S.moellendorffii Other : WNK WNK_e