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p38 subfamily of MAPK
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Gains and losses of Subfamily p38

Presence across species

Genes (19)

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p38a Human CMGC : MAPK : p38 MAPK14, Exip, SAPK2a, CSBP1, Mxi2, CSBP2, P38, p38a, p38, PRKM14, EXIP, SAPK2A, RK, p38alpha, CSPB1, MXI2, PRKM15, p38ALPHA
p38b Human CMGC : MAPK : p38 p38Beta, P38B, p38-2, P38-2, p38-BETA, P38BETA2, MAPK11, p38b, P38BETA, PRKM11, SAPK2, SAPK2B
p38d Human CMGC : MAPK : p38 PRKM13, p38d, P38DELTA, MGC99536, MAPK13, SAPK4, p38delta
p38g Human CMGC : MAPK : p38 P38GAMMA, ERK3, ERK6, p38g, MAPK12, PRKM12, SAPK-3, p38_gamma, SAPK3
p38a Mouse CMGC : MAPK : p38 Mapk14, p38a
p38b Mouse CMGC : MAPK : p38 p38b, Mapk11
p38d Mouse CMGC : MAPK : p38 p38d, Mapk13
p38g Mouse CMGC : MAPK : p38 p38g, Mapk12
p38 Sea Urchin CMGC : MAPK : p38 SPU_010118, SPU_011286, p38, Spk147
Mpk2 Fruit Fly CMGC : MAPK : p38 dMPK2, Erk2, DmMPK2, p38a, DMPK2, p38a MAP kinase, Dp38, stress-activated kinase P38, SFO169, group 2, p38, D-P38a, p38A, CG5475, D-MPK2, Mpk2, Erk-kinase-like, D-p38a
P38c Fruit Fly CMGC : MAPK : p38 SFO170, P38c
p38b Fruit Fly CMGC : MAPK : p38 186F5S, ESTS:186F5S, D-p38b, CG7393, p38, stress-activated p38b MAP kinase, anon-sts23, BG:DS00797.3, p38b, p38 MAPK, Mpk34C, SFO107, p38B
pmk-1 Nematode worm CMGC : MAPK : p38 CE06686, B0218.3, aSWK200, pmk-1
pmk-2 Nematode worm CMGC : MAPK : p38 F42G8.3a, F42G8.3, pmk-2, aSWK201, CE31695
pmk-3 Nematode worm CMGC : MAPK : p38 F42G8.4, CE29318, pmk-3, aSWK199
AqueK129 A.queenslandica CMGC : MAPK : p38 AqueK129
AqueK130 A.queenslandica CMGC : MAPK : p38 AqueK130
AqueK131 A.queenslandica CMGC : MAPK : p38 AqueK131
HOG1 Bakers Yeast CMGC : MAPK : p38 HOG1