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Cell Kinase 2, formerly known as Casein Kinase 2. Previously classified as member of the Other family
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Presence across species

Genes (46)

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CK2a1 Human CMGC : CK2 CKII, CKII alpha, CK2a1, CK2alpha, CK2A1, CSNK2A1
CK2a2 Human CMGC : CK2 CK2a2, CK2A2, FLJ43934, CK2alpha`, CSNK2A2, CSNK2A1
CK2a1 Mouse CMGC : CK2 CK2a1, Csnk2a1
CK2a2 Mouse CMGC : CK2 CK2a2, Csnk2a2
CK2a Sea Urchin CMGC : CK2 CK2a, SPU_012605, Spk158
CkIIalpha Fruit Fly CMGC : CK2 CkII, CKII, CG17520, SFO001, CKIIa, CK-2, CK2, CK2 alpha, Casein kinase II, NAP1-kinase, CkIIalpha, Cask-II-a, DmCKIIalpha, CK II, CK-II alpha, CKIIalpha
kin-3 Nematode worm CMGC : CK2 KC2A_CAEEL, kin-3, CE17321, aSWK212, B0205.7
AqueK108 A.queenslandica CMGC : CK2 AqueK108
CKA1 Bakers Yeast CMGC : CK2 CKA1
CKA2 Bakers Yeast CMGC : CK2 CKA2
CC1G_04406 C.cinerea CMGC : CK2 CC1G_04406
CK2 Slime mold CMGC : CK2 DDB0185025, DdisK055, casK, CK2
DDB0219953 Slime mold CMGC : CK2 DDB0219953, DdisK056
15737 Tetrahymena CMGC : CK2 190.m00047, PreTt15737, 15737, 197, 3820.m00272, TTHERM_01000180
1648 Tetrahymena CMGC : CK2 337.m00013, PreTt01648, 1648, TTHERM_01345790, 3805.m00068, 254
28298 Tetrahymena CMGC : CK2 PreTt28298, 751, TTHERM_01276350, 304.m00018, 28298
GL50803_27520 G.lamblia CMGC : CK2 GL50803_27520, GK027
LmjF02.0360 L.major CMGC : CK2 LmjF02.0360, LmajK059
LmjF35.1730 L.major CMGC : CK2 LmajK060, LmjF35.1730
116476.m00003 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 116476.m00003, TvagK0711
81177.m00030 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0818, 81177.m00030
81368.m00097 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0819, 81368.m00097
81840.m00170 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 81840.m00170, TvagK0712
81982.m00113 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 81982.m00113, TvagK0713
82397.m00111 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0714, 82397.m00111
82569.m00144 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0715, 82569.m00144
82576.m00136 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0861, 82576.m00136
84306.m00055 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0862, 84306.m00055
84394.m00063 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0716, 84394.m00063
84774.m00068 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 84774.m00068, TvagK0717
84943.m00149 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0863, 84943.m00149
85232.m00154 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 85232.m00154, TvagK0820
86088.m00471 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0718, 86088.m00471
87363.m00186 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0821, 87363.m00186
88200.m00281 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 88200.m00281, TvagK0822
89154.m00319 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 89154.m00319, TvagK0719
89397.m00103 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0720, 89397.m00103
90469.m00025 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0721, 90469.m00025
92069.m00301 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0722, 92069.m00301
93440.m00435 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 93440.m00435, TvagK0823
96423.m00198 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 96423.m00198, TvagK0723
96955.m00178 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 96955.m00178, TvagK0864
97080.m00044 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0724, 97080.m00044
97340.m00043 T.vaginalis CMGC : CK2 TvagK0725, 97340.m00043
CK2-1 S.moellendorffii CMGC : CK2 CK2-1
CK2-2 S.moellendorffii CMGC : CK2 CK2-2