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Inositol REquiring (named after yeast homolog). Also known as ERN (ER-to-nucleus signaling).
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Gains and losses of Family IRE

Presence across species

Genes (32)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
IRE1 Human Other : IRE IRE1, MGC163279, IRE1P, MGC163277, FLJ30999, ERN1
IRE2 Human Other : IRE IRE2, ERN2, IRE1b
IRE1 Mouse Other : IRE Ern1, IRE1
IRE2 Mouse Other : IRE IRE2, Ern2
IRE1 Sea Urchin Other : IRE SPU_009434, Spk164, IRE1
ire-1 Fruit Fly Other : IRE ire-1, IRE-like, CG4583, dire-1, SFO160
ire-1 Nematode worm Other : IRE ire-1, C41C4.4, CE01519, aSWK225
AqueK159 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK159
AqueK160 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK160
AqueK161 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK161
AqueK162 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK162
AqueK163 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK163
AqueK164 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK164
AqueK165 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK165
AqueK166 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK166
AqueK167 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK167
AqueK168 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK168
AqueK169 A.queenslandica Other : IRE AqueK169
IRE1 Bakers Yeast Other : IRE IRE1
CC1G_06931 C.cinerea Other : IRE CC1G_06931
IreA Slime mold Other : IRE DDB0231217, DdisK091, IreA
IrlA Slime mold Other : IRE IrlA, DDB0231216, DdisK092
IrlB Slime mold Other : IRE DDB0220009, IrlB, DdisK093
IrlB_C2d Slime mold Other : IRE DdisK291, IrlB_C2d, DDB0217342
IrlC Slime mold Other : IRE IrlC, DDB0231222, DdisK094
IrlD Slime mold Other : IRE DdisK095, IrlD, DDB0231221
IrlE Slime mold Other : IRE DdisK096, DDB0229380, IrlE
IrlF Slime mold Other : IRE DdisK097, DDB0229362, IrlF
IrlF_C2d Slime mold Other : IRE DdisK290, DDB0217365, IrlF_C2d
10577 Tetrahymena Other : IRE 13, 10577, 92.m00119, PreTt10577, TTHERM_00641080
IRE-1 S.moellendorffii Other : IRE IRE-1
IRE-2 S.moellendorffii Other : IRE IRE-2